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house colors

here’s something i should have figured out years ago, but am only just beginning to get:  an outfit looks best when it contains colors that echo each other.  mr.  noir has been harping on this sort of thing for some time.  he’s good with color (just look at the paint-scheme on the exterior of our house) and also has experience co-coordinating ties/blazers/shirts in his own wardrobe.  i used to wonder how he could give me a look for wearing what he felt was an off color and yet put a floral tie with a plaid shirt!  well, it’s the same principle used with current pattern-mixing—even if the patterns “clash”, the colors speak to each other.

i suppose i have been concentrating so much on the textures and shapes of my clothes all these years, that i’ve been naive to the intricacies of color.  anyway, when you wear mostly black, the question is moot!

so now, for instance, with my navy pants, i’m thinking i might like to wear a white top.  but this would look best with something containing both colors–let’s say a navy and white scarf– to tie the two pieces together.  or suppose you have a tweed jacket.  it will look best if your top or pants or even your shoes echo one of the colors in the jacket (even if it’s a tiny little spot of color).  clothing can echo the color of your eyes or hair.  jewelry can pick up one of the colors in an outfit.  belts (if you wear them) can do the same.

this is not a matter of being “matchy-matchy” (we all know that’s a no no these days!), but of creating a sort of color reverberation. it’s hard to see in my photo, but mr. noir’s blazer has tiny bits of all sorts of colors (including red and green) in the tweed that allow it to pick up the greens and reds in the plaid shirt.

talking colors

next time you see someone whose outfit you admire, check out the echoes of the colors they are wearing.  chances are, you’ll find the colors chatting happily to each other.

learning something new every day,



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