by admin on March 2, 2012

mr. noir triumphed again when esme suddenly rediscovered a coat he had urged her to buy lo some 26 years ago, and which coat she has rarely worn.  the coat, made in ireland of a lovely blue/white/rust tweed, never seemed dressy enough for san francisco (when we lived there).  when it was cold enough to wear it in carmel, it was usually raining.  it didn’t work with leggings……anyway, esme pulled it out the other day when we had a really cold but dry spell and it seemed just the thing.

acting on her recent lesson in color-echoing, she found an almost equally ancient tomato-red scarf that exactly picked up one of the flecks in the coat.  she popped it over a pair of dark jeans (more on that later) and her black washable wool sweater, et voila! her tweed and her scarf and her jeans and even her black sweater (not visible with the coat on) were chattering happily away as she breezed out the door on her way to a spring CABI party. the best thing was, she received lots of compliments and inquiries about the coat from the fashionistas at the party.

a confusing lessons enused, however.  at the same time as esme is attempting to pare down her closet, she’s coming upon forgotten finds that turn out to be ready for their place in the sun.  how does one know when to give up on a garment?  acting according to some standard rules, esme would have relinquished the coat years ago (“get rid of whatever you haven’t worn in 6 months”).  on the other hand, i suppose that a somewhat smaller, more organized closet allows the shyer garments to stand out.  rather like smaller classrooms allowing less vocal children to shine.

here’s what mr. noir would say:  “just follow my advise”!  but what about those of you who don’t have a mr. noir?  well, i’m sure you could inveigle him to come to your house and comment on your closet, so just let me know, and i’ll pass on the message!

listening to my colors (and to mr. noir),



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