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armani knickers

esme has loved armani for many years.  she even has a few armani suits from the ’90’s when a friend was working at nordstrom and was able to find good deals.

sister roz alerted esme that armani’s fall 2012 collection includes an intriguing new silhouette composed of dresses, tops and tunics over a kind of above-the-knee knicker.  these reminded roz of the shorts she used to wear under her dresses as an elementary schooler so that her undies wouldn’t show when she twirled on the playground bars.  i don’t know how esme (only 3 years older than roz) missed this childhood trend, now usually accomplished with leggings, but she did. her undies would show and damn the consequences!

these days esme has been struggling with a desire to transition from jeans to skirts.  perhaps knickers offer a transitional mode of dress.  for herself, however, esme has a few quibbles with the runway look.  for one, she would need the knickers to cover her knees (never a feature she wants to highlight).  for another, she imagines that stockings under knickers under skirts would start to get uncomfortable.  surely one could simplify the look?

several designers (including dries van noten) showed tapered pants under skirts.  esme imagines this might suit her better, as well as being more compatible with carmel chill.

pants under a dress












what do you think readers?  would you wear this look?




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