by admin on March 4, 2012

some fonts

little did esme realize what a minefield she was stepping into when, in the process of having a computer guy work on her blog-format, she went about the business of choosing a font.  this shouldn’t be too hard, right?   wrong!  first of all, the possibilities are mind-boggling.  but what really caught esme unawares was the notion that some fonts are just plain tacky!

esme considers herself pretty astute when it comes to matters of taste in clothing, architecture, decorating, word-choice…..oh many things.  but it had never occurred to her that one could commit a terrible taste faux pas when it comes to typefaces!  she learned the hard way when she emailed some samples to a relative in the arts. she was sternly warned not to use herculanum “under any circumstances”.  omg!  the worst thing was, she couldn’t figure out why.  she had no sense for the category of this font.  she knew she might make a similar mistake in the blink of an eye and not even know it!

the only saving grace was that she was spared making a fool of herself all over the entire internet.  i mean this would have been worse than….oh….walking downtown in a tube top and mini-skirt or……..putting a floral recliner in the livingroom or……..having a little cross-stitch thingey reading home-sweet-home in the doorway or……..misconjugating (i think i just made that one up) the verb to swim on her blog!  horrors!

a matter of taste

anyway, if any of you out there have advice about fonts, now’s your chance!  hurry before it’s too late!!

treading carefully,



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