by admin on March 5, 2012

ripped cuff

esme doesn’t think of herself as a whiner…..well, i mean, she sure hopes she isn’t a whiner….uh……she doesn’t mean to whine  but……in the space of 24 hours she discovered two relatively new garments that had started to self-destruct.  the first was a silk equipment blouse that esme purchased from nordstrom during their anniversary sale.  now equipment is an EXPENSIVE label.  esme has an equipment blouse that she bought in the ’90’s that is still going strong.  but this one, worn perhaps 3 times and not yet sent to the cleaner, developed a rip where the cuff meets the sleeve!

to be sure, the blouse is made of a very fine (read “thin”) fabric.  indeed, esme has noticed that many tops these days are very thin and absolutely require a layer underneath.  my friend phashion plate noticed this when he went shopping for his wife, known as femme fatale.  here i am whining again, but these thin fabrics are starting to get on my nerves!!!  one should be able to buy a blouse to be worn on it’s own.  fine if the occasional top is well…fine, but not every one of them!  thank goodness esme has amassed a nice collection of camisoles.

then, to add insult to injury, esme washed (cold water, hang to dry) a nice denim shirt she had found on sale, only to discover that the side-seam was coming apart!  this shirt also was not cheap.  what is the world coming to??  and such a trauma for one who hates to sew!

in contrast, esme was turning inside out the eccentric plaid shirt with bell sleeves she acquired recently when she discovered that it had beautiful construction.  most of the seams were bound in red trim and every seam was flat and tightly sewn….not to mention the intricate pleating on the sleeves.  quelle surprise!

bound seams

lesson:  turn your clothing inside out before you buy, and buyer beware when it comes to thin fabrics.  oh, and try not to whine, but if you really have to…..go for it!

all whined out,



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