by admin on March 6, 2012

jag jeans

esme has found another contender in her on-going quest for a comfortable but stylish jean—jag pull-ons.  i know the name sounds suspiciously like pull-ups, but let’s not go there…..or, if we do, imagine chin-ups rather than diapers!  i had tried these on in a store and thought they deserved further investigation.  as usual, the 2 looked quite good but seemed like it might get tight, while the 4 was comfy but not as chic.  in any case, they didn’t have petits (esme would have had to take, oh, 8 inches off the hem) so a little on-line research was in order.

sure enough, zappos had the jeans in petit!  esme’s latest principle is:  go for the bigger size.  so, she ordered the 4p.  they arrived the next day.  a tad long (i’m sure the 2 would have been perfect) and just a tad big, but….esme wore them around the house for a few days before taking the plunge.  now they are her favorite jeans.  comfy enough to wear all day.  good-looking (as long as your top covers the waist), and relatively cheap as jeans go.  they have shrunk a bit in the length, although not in the width.  perhaps the 2 would have been better….oh dear, the obsessive possibilities are endless!

one caveat.  these jeans are great if your waist is not dramatically smaller than your hips.  a pear-shape might have trouble getting them on, as there is no button or zip to open the waist.  and an observation.  jeans with a bit of polyester in them (like these) seem to be softer and more pliant than those with only cotton and spandex/lycra.  the softer hand is a plus for those of us with sensitive skin.  so don’t be a purist–let some polyester into your life!  and note:  don’t wear your top tucked in with these jeans—that looks really dorky!

loving my jeans (for now),



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