by admin on March 9, 2012

knit fur

well these are really questions rather than facts, but esme loves alliteration!  esme inquired of our humane society presenter what she thought about wearing vintage fur.  any of you who may have grandmother’s fur hanging around dustily in your closet have surely wondered whether it’s ok to wear fur whose animal was killed before you were even born.

the answer is that it’s not cool.  wearing any kind of fur promotes the idea that fur is ok (remember that fashion is communication).  however, there is an interesting and very humane way to use your antique fur.  a program called coats for cubs will take your old fur and use it as bedding for similar animals who have been orphaned—your coat becomes a mother substitute!

another question posed by esme was what about those woven fur sweaters designed by paula lishman that you see in stores here?   they claim to be “eco-friendly” and wouldn’t that be lovely!  unfortunately, our speaker was unfamiliar with this product, but she promised to look into it and report back.

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