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esme has been reading so much about color blocking in the various blogs and magazines  she follows that she just assumed she must have written about this trend.  but no.  and perhaps there are readers out there who are uninformed.

color blocking, or wearing large geometric blocks of bright and even clashing colors, was popular in the sixties:  think a mondrian painting.  it has come back with a vengeance in the last few seasons.  the style can be as simple as pairing a fuchsia top with a pair of electric blue jeans (esme has been looking for such a top to go with her own electric blues), or the color blocks can be contained within a single garment.

this look has been all over the runways.  interestingly enough, esme has rarely seen it on a live human being;  perhaps it is more common in an urban setting.  the spring j.jill collection shows a series of muted color-blocked garments, so i imagine we will be see more of it amongst the general populace.

esme herself rather likes the look.  she would love to find a color blocked blouse that she could pull off.  she may be a bit small  for the really dramatic versions but it sure would be fun to try a few on!

color blocking

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