by admin on March 11, 2012

sleeping in my boots

how does one know whether a purchase, either modest or extravagant, is truly valuable?  one answer came to esme the other day following an on-sale but still rather extravagant purchase:  a pair of tall black leather and suede cole haan boots.  esme had been noticing a lacuna in her wardrobe;  although she has a very comfy pair of flat rubber-soled dkny boots, she does not (or did not until 2 days ago) possess a dressyish black boot to complement her little collection of black dresses and skirts.

she had spyed a grouping of on-sale boots at the cole-haan store (in carmel plaza) a few weeks ago, and had been meaning to return and give the boots a more thorough perusal.  imagine her dismay when she stopped in this week and found the boots had disappeared!  a bit of detective work revealed that they had been boxed up and prepared to ship out, but were still lurking in the back room.  esme tried on a pair and was quite taken with them.  she was unable to exercise her usual obsessive return-three-times-and-think-it-over method of shopping due to the threat of imminent departure on the part of the boots.

not only did mr. noir approve of the boots (he agreed that they “looked like money” or more accurately that “they looked like someone had spent a lot of money on them”!), but esme discovered that they could be found at further discount on-line.  a trip to the store netted her another $50 off and a bit of easing of her conscience.

but that’s not the really important part of the story.  the thing that made these boots a great buy was that they made almost everything in esme’s closet (well i exaggerate a tad) look better!  esme’s red coat does the same thing.  a purchase that takes it’s closet colleagues  from fine to fab is a great purchase.  whether classic or trendy, it will become an outstanding and sought after member of one’s sartorial community.

tempted to sleep in my boots and coat,



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