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horizontal lines

speaking of pretty/ugly, esme had an interesting body image experience the other day.  perhaps you recall the little leopard print frock she acquired this fall and wore to a few holiday occasions.  she was quite pleased with it—cute, comfy, different, flirty, long-sleeved…..  however, for reasons that had been obscure to esme, mr. noir was not keen on it.  at one point he opined that it needed “accessorizing”.

well, esme decided to give it a spin with her new boots.  she sought advice from mr. noir re accessories.  come to find out that mr. noir REALLY did not love this dress!  indeed, esme had scrutinized a photo of herself wearing the dress and had been puzzled to discover that it seemed not to look as good as she had imagined.  at the time she attributed this to the angle of the photo.

fresh from her fashion class and armed with a newfound curiosity about the effect of color and line on the body, esme decided to query mr. noir further.  they did a delicate dance.  mr.noir inquired whether esme wished affirmation or truth.  esme wished for truth, but expressed in a thoughtful way (mr. noir can be devastatingly blunt).  ok.  said mr. noir:  it has a similar effect on you as did the gold oscar dress on meryl streep.  you mean it makes me look fat?  well, i wouldn’t exactly say that.  ummmm….it makes my waist look….dumpy?  not exactly, but….

ok, esme got it.  and in fact she had to agree.  something about the mid-section of the dress was less than flattering.  analyzing the situation, esme decided that it was the combination of horizontal ruching and wide-spaced seams in the bodice that created an effect of width around the waist and ribs.  the amazing thing was that esme was able to ackowledge this in an objective fashion while at the same time not thinking/feeling that she actually WAS fat!  now that is progress!

it was too late to change the dress, but she put a cape-like black sweater on top and emerged with mr. noir’s approval.  she imagined that the addition of a slim vest might work magic. and if worse comes to worse, the frock will take up residence in the back of her closet for awhile until finding another home.

not feeling fat,



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