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color wheel

we are studying color in our fashion class this week.  the subject of color is surprisingly technical.  you have a color wheel.  you have your primary colors, your secondary colors, and your tertiary colors.  you’ve got your warm colors and your cool colors.  but here’s where things get really non-intuitive:  hues, tints, tones, shades, intensity, value!  help!  then you’ve got various names for different types of color combinations.  all esme can say is, she’s glad she is not taking this course for a grade.  and perhaps it’s good she studied literature and not fashion in college!

some people are more intuitive about color than others.  we did a fun little exercise in class where we were to take the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow), plus white and black, and see how many different/interesting colors we could come up with.  theoretically, one should be able to make all the colors of the rainbow and more with just these five basics.  creating an attractive color was surprisingly difficult.  esme spent considerable time trying to mix an appealing purple by combining red, blue and white.  it kept coming up very dark and muddy until she sought advice from the teacher and added both more red and more white.

after that esme felt quite spent.  others in the class, however, were excitedly pursuing the perfect hue.  many were students who already knew how to paint, or sew, or otherwise create in the visual realm.

next week—identifying our own hair/eyes/skin color-types.

with paint on her fingers,



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