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well, if only i could buy a nice big rainy storm or two, i’d certainly shop for one!  i love hearing rain on the skylights, and even enjoy the frisson of wondering whether a pine tree will fall on the roof and kill us in our sleep.  (mr. noir, however, is thoroughly fed up with the tendency of falling pine cones to be attracted to the hood of his car, creating a unique and expensive pattern of dents and craters.)

but of course what i really meant was that weather influences the way we shop.  the weather these days has been so erratic that this can change from hour to hour.  one minute it’s cold and blustery outside and all esme can think about is a burnt orange cashmere sweater.  (she has seen one in the j.crew catalogue.)  the next minute carmel is having summer in march, and esme is imagining she might actually wear the lovely linens she sees in the stores.


on the other hand, there are those who don’t follow the weather, but are guided by an inner barometer.  esme was chatting with dorothy (designer of quelques choses and owner of chartreuse in pacific grove) the other day and learned that dorothy wears what strikes her fancy no matter what the weather.  if she wants to wear linen in winter she’ll just add another layer or two–tights, leggings, a fitted t, a black blazer, a scarf.  esme herself has been getting very good use from her collection of camisoles, which can be added or subtracted to various tops to expand their seasonal functionality.

if the fickleness of the weather has been making it hard to shop, imagine the dilemma of shop-keepers dressing their windows.  just as you create a lovely display of sleeveless tops and floaty pastel skirts, in comes a cold north wind and threatens to blow your customers away!

blowing hot and cold,




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