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dark green sweater

st. paddy’s day can be traumatic for those of us who don’t look good in green.  esme and mr. noir were getting ready to go to a pre-st. patrick’s day party at the yacht club which of course required a bit of green.  esme owns exactly one item of green attire—a rather nice forest green sweater from banana republic circa the early 2000’s.  it took a bit of digging in her drawers to locate it and esme was a tad worried that mr. noir would disapprove, as he tends not to like esme in green.

imagine her delight when mr. noir complimented her on the sweater!  not only that, but as esme looked in the mirror, she was pleased to see that she looked pretty good in the forest green even without makeup.  this was a particular relief.  esme has been catching glimpses of herself looking distinctly gray of hair and skin recently.  even her eyes seem a bit grayed out.

she donned her emerald stud earrings and slipped on a charming emerald and gold filigree ring she inherited from her mother’s family.  the ring fit perfectly, and esme was imagining having inherited her fingers from someone many generations back who had worn this very ring.

as it turned out, esme needn’t have worried about the lack of a green garment.  people were wearing all sorts of wild green bling  purchased just for the occasion:  green strobe earrings, green crowns, a darling little set of green antennae-like things… get the idea.

a good time was had by all.  the only problem was that after consuming her share of corn beef and cabbage, esme has been unable to remove the ring from her finger.  she may be stuck with it until she goes on a low sodium regimen for a few days!

vintage ring

entranced with forest green,



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