by admin on March 18, 2012

the color of your eyes

this phrase has been going through esme’s mind all day, and to the tune of “the shadow of your smile….”!  as you might guess, esme has been musing about eye color.  esme has always considered herself to be a person with brown eyes (it says so on her driver’s license!).  while her eyes are not the very dark brown or even black sported by some, they have never been any color other than brown.  oddly enough, however, a close inspection reveals that esme’s eyes have acquired some green.  this is not just my imagination;  mr. noir confirms it.

apparently, some people have eyes that change color with age.  esme’s mother, whose eyes were a light, greenish blue in mid-adulthood, now has eyes of a rather startling blue.  christophe’s girlfriend has eyes that change from green to blue depending on……the circumstances?  for some years, esme has rather wished she had blue eyes.  this would seem an unlikely change, but perhaps she’ll have green eyes by the time she’s 80.

of course we always want what we don’t have:  esme had dinner with a friend last night—someone with large beautiful blue eyes—who confessed that ever since childhood she had wished for brown eyes!  when she was really young, she even imagined that if she wished hard enough, her eyes would change.  wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

what about you, readers?  have your eyes changed colors?  and if so, does this influence what you want to wear?

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