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stephan cori shop dog

carmel is one of the dog-friendliest places around:  dogs play off-leash on the beach, shops, restaurants and hotels admit canines, and many of the finest establishments have shop-dogs.  stephan cori (where esme shops frequently) is home to a shop dog who is surely destined for fame.  his name is aspen, and he is a big white furry hunk of an animal.

esme first met aspen about a year ago, when he was just a teddy-bear sized pup resembling nothing so much as a stuffed animal.  he would lie about on the cool floor appearing so mellow that esme actually worried that something was wrong with him (you should have seen hunter at the same age—bouncing off the walls!).  these days, however, it is clear that nothing at all is wrong with this animal except that he is too smart for his own good.

he has learned that purses often contain treats, so one’s purse must be kept out of his reach.  he has become renowned throughout the shopping center as an escape artist and flaneur.  once he was left alone in the shop for an hour or so, securely locked behind the front door, but somehow managed to unlock the door and disappear.  after a call to the police, the fire department, and goodness knows who else, he was finally discovered happily ensconced in the nearby pet store next to a large display of treats!

indeed, on the day that esme visited, he escaped again.  but this time his owner knew exactly where to look.  he was dragged unceremoniously back to the shop, with the tell-tale smell of biscuits on his breath.

escape artist

so do stop by and say hi to aspen.  you might even find yourself doing a bit of shopping while you’re at it.  just make sure to keep an eye on your purse!





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