by admin on March 21, 2012

morning is for writing

sometimes esme wishes she were not quite so diurnal.  her usual habit is to wake up, make coffee, sip it while reading the paper, wander over to the computer with coffee in hand, read email and write her blog post for the day.  she may have an idea from night before, but often the topic will come to her as she drinks her coffee.  if she is very lucky, she’ll write 2 posts and save one for the next day.  somewhere along the way esme eats her oatmeal, wishes she could have another cup of coffee, and takes off for her swim.  she comes home, collects the dog for his walk, leaves again, and returns around noon, completely spent and ready for lunch.

the problem arises on those occasions when she wakes up later than usual.  this happened yesterday (most likely due to the lingering effects of daylight savings time).  she decided she could write her blog in the afternoon, thus keeping the rest of her routine on schedule.  well, that was a mistake!  as someone once described it to esme, “after lunch it’s a slow downhill slide towards dinner.”  esme simply could not bring herself to write her blog. so there you have it:  the first missed day in a year.  i’m sure you were all DEVASTATED, but what can i say?

esme will admit that she made her rounds of the carmel shops (shopping is something she usually does in the afternoon), vaguely thinking about an outfit to wear to christophe’s graduation.  speaking of time…..omg did that ever speed by!  what to wear for an outdoor graduation in l.a. in may?  but that’s the topic of another story!

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