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marimeko dress

not esme’s graduation, of course, but christophe’s, which will take place in early may in l.a.  parents are warned that “seating will be on the grass and in the sun; no covering will be provided.  it is advised that attendees use sunscreen and, if necessary, wear a hat.  umbrellas may be used, but please be considerate of other guests’ sight lines….women may prefer not to wear high-heeled shoes.”   lol!  it sounds like the administration has had a certain amount of experience regarding the pitfalls of such a setting!

clearly, a large hat is in order.  although perhaps it shouldn’t be too large, as it might jostle and block the view of one’s neighbors. a tilley hat simply will not do, so esme will need to go on a major hat-shopping quest.  fortunately, we have not one but two rather nice hat shops in carmel.  esme rather envisions a black straw hat, or perhaps one of those hats with black and white stripes.  but would black be too hot?  and do people in l.a. wear black in the spring?  both climate and fashion in l.a. are sooo different from either s.f. or carmel that it’s hard to imagine what will be the right thing.  and of course, one should decided on the outfit first before purchasing the hat.

the occasion does seem like an excuse to buy a summery dress of some sort.  esme had seen a black-and-white striped dress by marimeko awhile ago and had begun picturing herself wearing it with a black hat and her mephisto sandals.  a black and white scheme would be chic, easy and fun—a kind of co-habitation of north and south.  and stripes are so now!  well, imagine her disappointment when she finally tried the dress on and it looked quite ghastly on her, as well as being uncomfortable!  one of those widening bodices meant for someone else.

ah well…..tomorrow is another day.

the quest goes on,




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