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samantha sung dress

so the next dress that esme tried on has a story to it.  esme was checking out the sale rack at SHE the other day when a woman came in bearing a dress wrapped in plastic.  she was searching for a scarf to match a fetching slim-waisted frock with a full skirt in a black-taupe-white print (birds i think).  when esme admired the dress, the woman revealed that she had just purchased it at MADRIGAL.  hers was the only size 4, probably esme’s size as well.

nonetheless, after esme’s disappointment with the black-and-white dress, she decided to swoop by MADRIGAL to see what they had.  indeed, the dress (by samantha sung) was sold out in all but rather large sizes.  there was one 4 left, in a mustard yellow with a taupe floral design.  imagining that the color would do nothing for her, esme tried it on just for the size.  to the surprise of both esme and the salesperson, the yellow looked rather nice on esme, as did the cut.  very retro ’40’s/’50’s but in a stretch cotton fabric.  hmmm…..what would mr. noir think?

yellow dress on esme

there was just one problem:  the dress was a tad tight under the arms, an issue that has been dogging esme with some persistence this year. sooo frustrating!  this problem, a combined result of genetics,  daily swimming, and current style in sleeves, does not appear to be solvable with either tailoring or going up a size (or 2).  a different sort of person might be willing to tolerate a bit of tightness for the sake of fashion, but you know how esme feels about that!

so, adieu for now yellow audrey dress by samantha sung.  i’m sure you’ll find a good home soon.

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