by admin on March 24, 2012

esme in kedem jacket and pants

esme couldn’t help snooping around in the pacific grove stores on her quest for a dress.   she happened into MARITA’S the day they had received a large shipment of kedem sasson, one of esme’s favorites.  by the time she arrived, half the collection had been sold—apparently esme is not the only one who loves kedem!

the only trouble is, these clothes are wildly eccentric, voluminous, and really meant for a larger/taller person.  esme has never quite found the right outfit to actually buy, but she never fails to fall in love.  she tried on a lovely ensemble in a sheer black-and-off-white fabric with polka dots in varying sizes and intricately draped panels. she felt like an exotic butterfly!  there was a pair of pants with little cuffs at the bottom where you inserted your ankles but the rest of the garment was a skirt (very airy!).  a sleeveless tunic, 2 jackets (if one could call them that), the pants and a black tank top could be combined in a myriad of permutations.

esme as butterfly

fortunately, esme decided to sleep on the matter (even at risk of losing the garments) and examine photos of herself (taken on her trusty iphone) in the outfits.  the iphone has become an invaluable shopping tool.  it’s photos have become the closest thing esme has found to an always-by-my-side shopping consultant.  when she looks at pictures of herself she can almost see what she must actually look like to others……which is often quite different from the way she looks to herself in the mirror!

in this case, esme felt wonderful in the clothes and was quite entranced with her mirror image.  however, an examination of the photos revealed an unfortunate reality:  the clothes really were too big.  well, that just saved esme a boatload of bucks!  but hey, i dare you—go try on some kedem sasson—you’ll see what i mean.

being small is not always an asset,



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