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anyi lu at LLOYDS

a rainy afternoon.  too wet and chilly for frozen yogurt.  too wet and chilly to try on clothes…..and yet, esme needed to get out of the house for a few hours, if only to stretch her legs.  a local shoe store, LLOYDS on ocean, had sent an email advertising an anyi lu trunk show all afternoon.  why not?

on went esme’s trusty land’s end down coat and arcopedico boots, and out she went into the storm.  fortunately, she found a parking place nearby.  and what a cheerful little shoe party!  these shoes are made in italy (and have prices to match).  anyi (as the rep. referred to her) is described as being meticulous in every detail of both fit and form.  she has a background as an engineer and a ballroom dancer, and worked briefly for taryn rose before opening up shop on her own.  while she has no connection to thierry rabotin, their factories are in the same town, and their aesthetics have similarities.

perhaps you recall that esme simply can’t wear heels.  between her back issues and her foot issues, she rarely ever fantasizes about them.  however, the anyi lu rep. persuaded esme to “just try” a fetching pair of pale rose-colored sandals with a 2 inch heel.  goodness!  these completely solved the irritating problems that esme has been having with her proportions—just that little lift from the bottom made all the difference.  and guess what?  at least for walking around the shop, these shoes were comfortable!  esme imagined (not for the first time) what a different sort of woman she could have been if only she had been able to wear a little heel for most of her life.  the frumpiness meter plummets, while the femininity quotient soars.

esme wears a little heel

esme did try on a fetching pair of polka dot ballet flats due to come out in the fall.  interestingly enough, several of the women in the store confessed with regret that they are unable to wear flats—something to do with plantar fasciitis.  i suppose we each have our crosses to bear…….

esme will confess that her feet heaved a sigh of relief when she donned her arcopedico boots to re-enter the real world.

caught up in a shoe fantasy,




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