by admin on March 26, 2012

fall colors for spring at haider ackermann

esme was excited to read an article in the april VOGUE saying that some designers were creating spring clothes in fall colors this season.  good news for esme, who really can’t wear (and doesn’t especially like) traditional spring pastels.

the article describes “stormy blues, earthy browns, and offbeat mustards.”  then there’s “forest green….blackberry, olive, and plum.”  now here are some colors esme could wear….indeed, i think she has some of them in her closet!

just the other day esme showed up at a yacht club dinner in one of her favorite multicolored oversized sweaters.  one of it’s dominant colors is a warm peachy brown.  not only did the sweater receive lots of admiration, but it also turned out that several of the other ladies were wearing similar colors.

esme's fall/spring sweater

sometimes an idea is just in the air,



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