by admin on March 27, 2012

not bad, but.....

ah now there is a trend that esme plans to eschew for the rest of her time on the planet.  midriff-baring tops are IN.  but this trend is about 10 years to0 late for esme.  esme will say (with all due modesty) that her midriff was at one time one of her better features.  but let me tell you that as you approach 60, the midriff is just not something you want to show off.  doesn’t matter how thin or fit you are or how many crunches you do.  it’s a matter of skin and elasticity.

of course, living in carmel esme would have frozen to death wearing this style anyway.  same for san francisco.  ’twill be interesting to see if the style crops up in l.a. when the noirs go south for christophe’s graduation.  indeed that’s what has happened to esme’s midriff:  gone south!

well, if you happen to be one of those people whose midriff is still holding steady, then go for it this season!  could be your last chance.

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