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amber eyed pbvg

esme can’t help puzzling over a paragraph in her class text about hair/eye/skin coloring in humans.  this is what it says:  “hair coloring generally complements skin coloring, although the enzymes or genes responsible for hair coloring are different from those responsible for skin and eye color.  a person’s natural hair color will always coordinate with his or her skin and eyes.”  (from INDIVIDUALITY IN CLOTHING SELECTION AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE by marshall, jackson, etc.

let us just say that one does not believe in a prime mover.  or if one does believe in a prime mover, he or she might be one without a fashion background.  how then, could it be that a person’s hair/eye/skin colors are naturally “coordinated”?  these days, it’s almost impossible to do research on this topic, unless perhaps, one hangs out in a nursery school.  most people (well most women) that esme encounters have colored their hair.

esme has been doing a little observation project on dogs’ eyes.  did you know that the eyes of dogs are quite various?  hunter’s are a very dark brown, quite nicely coordinated with his cream-and-black fur and the underlying pink of his skin.  esme encountered a petit basset griffon vendeen(pbgv for short) on the mission trail pathway the other day.  she stopped in her tracks, as she had always admired these dogs but never seen one in person.  this one had a lovely off-white coat with reddish-brown splotches, and melting amber-colored eyes that coordinated perfectly with his outfit.  and you haven’t looked a dog in the eye until you’ve seen the bluish eyes of a merle-colored australian shepherd.

blue eyed aussy

now dogs have been bred by humans over the centuries, so perhaps breeders have selected for complementary eye and coat color. but humans??  what do you think, readers?

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