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wild hair

do it right!

esme is hardly an expert on hair coloring, as she has tried it exactly twice in her life with so-so results.  at present, she rather prides herself on letting her hair go gray naturally.  indeed, esme was quite relieved when she read in her textbook that “many times when cool categories (that’s me) go gray it will be an attractive snow white, peal gray, silver, or salt and pepper.”  (from INDIVIDUALITY IN CLOTHING SELECTION & PERSONAL APPEARANCE)

so esme might suggest (and she knows most of you won’t really do this) that if you’re coloring your hair to cover your gray, at least grow it out once to see what your natural color looks like;  who knows?  you might be pleasantly surprised!

if not, go to the best colorist you can afford.  the person who can do a good job with home hair color is rare indeed.  one can usually tell from a mile away when people have self-medicated (so to speak):  the hair will be monochromatic and without highlights, or brassy and “fake” looking.  of course these days, it’s fashionable to sport completely unnatural-looking hair in crazy colors, but that’s a different matter!

a cautionary note from esme’s text:  “people often wish to enhance their natural hair color or cover the gray.  caution must be taken to keep the hair color corresponding to natural personal coloring.  colors from the opposite hue will tend to make one look older….hues that have a chroma greater than that of the hair color will rob the hair of some of its color.”  as you can see, the study of hair-color is rather complex.  a good colorist will understand these issues intuitively, so ask anyone whose hair you admire, and find ye a good one!

did he do this himself??

hoping the salt won’t overwhelm the pepper,



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