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almost perfect theory blazer

esme is considering several sartorial possibilities for christophe’s graduation.  a black and white theme is always elegant.  esme  has in her very own closet several pairs of lightweight black pants, one pair of white ones, black tank tops, over-sized white cotton blouses—she could make many interesting combinations with just these two neutrals.

however, what she does not posses is a summer blazer in black or white.  indeed, she looked for many years for just the right black linen blazer, but eventually gave up the quest.  she does own a gray blazer and a rose-colored blazer, both in linen, but somehow these colors just seem a bit…..well…..2 years ago.!  esme confesses to wishing to make a statement with her outfit.  a statement about what exactly she is not sure.  but in honor of the graduate and of her avocation, esme would so love to be one of those people about whom people might say, “now SHE looked cool”.

so when the noirs went up to the bay area for dinner and wine-tasting,  esme had to look into LEAF AND PETAL to see if they might have the perfect thing.  what did she spy with her little eye but a charming black-and-white linen blazer by theory!  and goodness, it looked quite nice over the leggings and tank top that esme was wearing under her over-sized blanque blouse.  quite chic really……

nevertheless, as usual, esme had doubts.  there was just the teensiest little hint of tightness about the armpits.  the blazer would need to be worn over a shortish, fitted top or tank–nothing with the least volume.  still……esme showed a photo of the jacket to mr. noir, who was tasting wine next door.  he remarked that “the yoke is kind of low”.  while esme was unfamiliar with this phrase, she immediately knew what he meant.  the V in front was low, and combined with it’s single button this produced a certain….open….effect that might not have been esme’s favorite.

so, while the fabric was perfect, and the overall look of the jacket appealing, it has gone on esme’s list of “maybe’s” for now.  not that it’ll hang around in the shop very long….but one never knows.  now a comprehensive round-up of black and white linen blazers is in the works!

ah so hard to please!




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