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more kedem sasson

esme’s sister roz is a wonderful arbiter of taste, as well as a mistress of the bon mot.  when esme was obsessing about the possible purchase of a kedem sasson garment, she emailed roz to ask her opinion.  roz was intrigued by the clothing, but had never seen it in the flesh.  she pointed out that, according to the website, kedem sasson designs are aimed at the “plus size woman”.  it was roz who coined the term “minus size” to describe esme (so much better than “petite”, which for some reason, esme has never been able to stand)!

which left esme wondering why an essentially minus size person such as herself has such an attraction to over-size, plus size clothing.  does esme harbor a secret fantasy of being a large person in another life?  no, not really.  indeed she has always rather liked being small, despite the clothing limitations and difficulty reaching upper shelves which come with her stature.  indeed, perhaps she rather likes the way large clothing emphasizes her smallness.

would she like kedem sasson as well if the pieces were sized for the minus sized?  just imagine everything cropped, shrunken, nipped…..kedem sasson petit…, i don’t think so!  part of the appeal of a large garment is its very largeness—the way the fabric drapes and floats around the body, barely touching one’s skin.  ok.  such garments may make eating and walking a challenge–esme would probably shorten the sleeves and the legs–but subtracting too much volume would be a mistake.

now esme would dearly love to see how these garments look on an actual plus size person.  and inquire how they feel.  any volunteers?  really, you don’t have to be that large–just substantially taller and larger than esme herself!

kedem sasson

dreaming big,


minus size person in plus size garb


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