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the men's shop at pebble beach

and it’s called (appropriately) THE MEN’S SHOP AT PEBBLE BEACH.  esme knows about this store because her comrade in fashion, philip geiger,runs the place.  philip was the person who introduced esme to the san francisco clothing market many moons ago.  he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever encounter, and extremely knowledgeable about the business of fashion.  and did i mention that he has gorgeous brown eyes?

anyway, back to the store.  it’s right across from the lodge at pebble beach, over-looking the putting green.  when we were there, golfers, guests, and others were coming and going to beat the band.  you could stop by for the people-watching alone.

the shop is all in dark wood and leather, with a cozy men’s club vibe.  in addition to clothing, they have a wonderful assortment of leather goods, shoes, and the coolest socks you can imagine.  esme was positively drooling over a fantastic ipad case in dark burnished leather, even though she does not have an ipad.  she longed for a jazzy pair of socks in stripes and polka dots.

fab socks!

mr. noir found a blue and white plaid shirt that he rather liked, as well as a hickey freeman rain blazer (shaped like a blazer–water-proof fabric).  as usual when visiting a men’s shop, esme found coats and blazers that she really wished were made in her size.  one was a dark gray car-coat length jacket in wool and angora.  another a black blazer with a zip-out lining in front, and a wonderful silk print which was visible when one turned up the collar.

so next time you visit pebble (for the concours? the at&t golf tournament? the food and wine?  a bit of celebrity-watching?  or just lunch) nip into the men’s shop at pebble beach and drag your honey in too.  philip and his side-kick giovanni are experienced in dealing with shopping couples!

coveting menswear again,



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