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volume on volume-winter

inspiration struck esme the other day:  why not follow her instincts and clothe herself (at least for a while) in fabulously loose harem pants, tunics of amazing volume, wonderfully oversized men’s blazers!  now that would be a “signature look”.  and esme is quite certain that she would receive some looks as well!

esme has learned from blogger par excellence angie cox of youlookfab that many of the old sartorial rules have gone by the wayside.  among them is the rule that “volume on the bottom needs small on the top” and vice versa.  volume on volume (a look and feel that has always appealed to esme) is IN!  not that esme need worry about what’s in and what’s out if she follows her bliss, but still……

imagine the freedom, both physical and emotional, that would follow!  no tight arm-holes!  no uncomfortable crotches!  perhaps a bit of loose elastic at the waist to hold up the pants (they do need to be held up by something!).  esme could raid mr. noir’s closet for his most sensuous blazers.  she could shop in men’s stores with abandon.  she could cross the threshold of  plus-size departments, holding her head high.  even the thrift stores might yield unexpected treasures!

i suppose esme would have to be careful not to acquire volumes of flesh under her voluminous clothing.  she would not wish to wear a plus size speedo, nor forsake her french lingerie.  esme used to have a theory that one’s weight fluctuated with the sort of car one drove:  a big old suv was a sure recipe for putting on the pounds, whereas as vw gti (which was what esme drove when she met mr. noir) was a good way to keep a svelte figure.

nonetheless, esme already has a few outfits planned.  let’s see if she can put them together for a photo-shoot so you can see what she has in mind!

volume on volume- spring

thinking big,



p.s.  esme can see from these photos that she needs to thrift a few blazers in the smallest men’s size available;  there is such a thing as TOO big!


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