by admin on April 3, 2012

yohji yamamoto

lol!  after esme posted her blog about volume in clothing yesterday, google ads kept putting adverts for audio equipement on the blog!  esme couldn’t figure this one out until it dawned on her that the google-bots were thinking about AUDIBLE volume, rather than sartorial volume!  let’s see what happens today.

so i was discussing my attraction for voluminous CLOTHING with fashion industry friend dorothy (designer and purveyor of cotton crinkle travel clothing).  dorothy can be trusted to have strong opinions about things.  she told me in no uncertain terms that if i were going to go for the voluminous look i absolutely must look to the japanese.  of course i sat up and took notice.  only problem is, no one around here (as far as i know) carries the likes of yohji yamamoto, rei kawakubo, or issey miyake.

and this type of clothing, even more than most, must be tried on to be appreciated.  i did find some images on the net (of course) and discovered to my great surprise that zappos carries the occasional yamamoto.  i suppose there’s nothing for it but to take an expedition to the big city (san francisco that is), or wait a minute……maybe there will be some shops with these designers in l.a. when we go for christophe’s graduation!

still longing for volume,



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