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symmetrical citron blouse

just so’s y’all know that fashion is an academic subject, esme will attempt to explicate an important lesson she has learned from her fashion class.  all visual design can be analyzed according to 5 principles.  indeed, esme has been finding that keeping these principles in mind as she shops (both the stores and her closet) helps guide her choice of clothing.

principle number one is BALANCE.  as esme understands it, balance essentially refers to the symmetry or asymmetry of an outfit.  interestingly enough, a strictly symmetrical outfit or garment can emphasize subtle asymmetries of the wearer’s body or face.   perhaps this is why esme has often been drawn to the artsy, asymmetrical look;  she would have to say that she is not the most symmetrical of individuals on the planet!

even an asymmetrical garment, however, needs to have it’s own (“informal”) balance.  esme notes that many of mr. noir’s blazers have a large pocket on one side, balanced by two smaller ones on the other.  an unbalanced outfit will give one a vertiginous sensation and one might be tempted to shelter under the nearest table in case of earthquake!

asymmetrical blanque blouse

accessories can contribute to the symmetry or asymmetry of an outfit:  a scarf tied jauntily to the side gives an asymmetrical pop, while a man’s tie worn in the traditional fashion gives dignity to a look.

after doing a brief survey of a few friends educated in the visual arts, esme was surprised to learn that many of them had not heard of design principles.  mr. noir, for instance, who took many art history classes in college as well as most of the interior design classes offered at our junior college, was not familiar with the idea.  esme imagines that most people who actually practice the visual arts grasp the principles of design intuitively.  esme, however, who is not particularly intuitive in this realm, finds the principles useful.  she hopes you do too!

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