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the lovely young couple

esme and mr. noir were out and about the other day and stopped for a bite at esteban’s in monterey.  as they were leaving the restaurant they were hailed by a pair of ladies sitting at an adjacent table.  “i  wanted to tell you,” one said, “that you two are just the cutest couple!”  esme and mr. noir nearly fell on the floor with surpise.  what a lovely compliment!  and guess what?      esme doesn’t even recall what she was wearing!

but when it comes to cute (well, cute is not really the word), nothing can beat christophe and his girlfriend, ms. m.  the noir household has been all aflutter anticipating their first introduction to the lovely ms. m, who has come to carmel with noir junior for the easter/passover weekend.  omg!  she did not disappoint!

even hunter was excited, although he barked furiously at her when she first arrived.  esme had tried to explain to him that christophe would be home with m., and that he would love her.  as ms. m put it “i guess he didn’t get the memo”!  however, 24 hours later he was jumping up to kiss her on the mouth, as any terrier worth his salt would do.

ms. m. is not only beautiful, talented, and funny, but she also appears to have an innate sense of style.  to go out for breakfast with christophe she threw on a lovely taupe sweater with just a hint of sparkle, skinny jeans, brown boots, and a brown/taupe/cream scarf that pulled it all together and perfectly complimented her coloring.  ah, if only esme had been so stylish at her age!

a sense of style




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