MORE MUSINGS ON BALANCE (in couples and clothing)

by admin on April 8, 2012

sailboat and octopus

you know those restaurants that provide paper table-coverings and little boxes of crayons to play with while you’re waiting?  well, we took christophe and ms. m. to one the other day (rio grill, one of our faves), and here’s what christophe drew.  he started with a really cute octopus, explaining that “octopuses are the best mothers:  they stay with their young without eating until they (the mothers) die of starvation and the baby (they only have one at a time) is ready to leave the nest.”  omg, this is so sad!

ms. m. opined that octopuses gave her the shivers (even cute motherly ones).  intuitively, christophe began to draw a sailboat, solo on the sea.  what a fantastic metaphor for the delicate balance between closeness and independence in a relationship!  the octopus:  committed, enveloping, but at it’s extreme smothering and self-sacrificing.  the sailboat:  free, traveling with the wind, but at it’s extreme uncommitted and alone.

hey, even fashion must balance the close with the free.  perhaps this explains esme’s perpetual struggle with clothing that is either too tight or too loose!  a garment may hug, but should not constrict.  it may flow, but should not descend into shapelessness.   the bodice may follow the curves, while the skirt runs free.  or the pants echo the legs, while the blouse moves with the wind.

close bodice/independent skirt

trying to get it just right,



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