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tweed jacket and bow-tie (with red wine)

if you’re looking for a cute couple, you should see esme’s parents.  they are nothing if not unconventional (got that one??).  some might even say they were a bit mismatched.  esme’s mother is tall, thin, blue-eyed and straight-haired.  esme’s father is short, sturdy, brownish-green eyed and (was) red-haired.  they’ve always been about the same height and still are, if a bit shorter.

it is only recently that esme has realized that both have distinctive “signature looks”.  rather than  shopping ’til they drop like esme, both rather dislike shopping.  and issues in aging have made even necessary shopping (not to speak of sportshopping) increasingly difficult.  so they stick to what they have, and what they love.

in esme’s father’s case, this includes ancient but classic tweed sportscoats (look at the soft colors of the one in the photo) and a bow-tie for special occasions.  esme’s father is one of the few males around who really looks fab in a bow-tie!

white blouse and bird necklace

in the case of esme’s mother, her signature look is a crisp cotton blouse and a wonderful american indian necklace with little bird fetishes; no charm bracelets here! esme’s mother is a nature-lover through and through.  in fact, she has published several articles in nature magazines.

but the cutest thing about esme’s parents is the sparkle in their eyes, and their 60-plus years of love for each other.

love trumps fashion, in the end…..



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