by admin on April 10, 2012

too many areas of emphasis!

esme cannot emphasize this enough:  an outfit should have a focus!  and, as our text puts it “emphasis should not be placed anywhere the individual wishes to minimize”! lol!  so, if you think your tummy sticks out, don’t place a cabbage rose there.  if you’re self-conscious about your flat chest, don’t wear a bustier.  in esme’s case, don’t add epaulets to your shoulders or ruffles to your upper arms!

pictured here is a dress (from ZIBA in the carmel barnyard) that esme rather liked, and was considering as the basis of an outfit for christophe’s graduation.  it was exceedingly comfortable, felt airy yet shapely, had the benefit of sleeves, and was a flattering mushroomy color.  however, it was quickly nixed by mr. noir.

even esme could see that this dress had conflicting focal points:  the ruffles at the neck formed one, while the large shiny buttons down the front formed another.  mr. noir (never one to mince words) pronounced that this frock looked like “something from the olde country”!  and i believe somewhere in the discussion the word “clownish” came up.  a friend in the schmata industry suggested switching out the buttons, but esme knew it would be a cold day in hell before she had the industry to perform such a daunting task.  she also knew that once mr. noir gets an aesthetic idea in his mind, even a herd of wild horses (or a button-switch) can’t change it.

sigh…… much for THAT dress.

trying to re-focus,



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