by admin on April 11, 2012

hugging a guy

here’s an eccentric little question for you;  have you ever noticed how different it feels to hug a woman versus a man?  perhaps esme notices this because her hugging experience has mostly involved guys (christophe and mr. noir that is), there being no females in the noir household.  and when esme was growing up in a household of girls, hugging was not in fashion.

guys tend to feel, well, big–substantial, solid, quite an armful.  this is true even of esme’s really really tall and skinny nephews.  in contrast, women feel a bit like birds.  esme always experiences a frisson of surprise when she goes in for a  hug and finds so little there!  where’s the beef?  even the more zoftig female feels completely different from a male–soft, pillowy, yielding.

which leads esme to an even more eccentric question:  what must it feel like when someone hugs HER?  this is just the sort of thing that esme loves to muse about in her never-ending quest to understand her body from some objective point of view.  as difficult as it is to see oneself as others see one, it is simply impossible to hug oneself!

ok readers…..i’m taking volunteers!

wondering again,

hugging a girl



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