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rhythmic dots

iiiiiii got rhhhhhhhyyyyythm…….who could ask for anything more?  la de da da, la de da da. la de da da who could ask for anything more!  ok, so esme can’t sing.  but she’s been thinking a lot about singing (and rhythm) since christophe’s girlfriend, ms. m. visited us over the holiday weekend.  among her other virtures, ms. m. is an exquisite and highly trained soprano, and boy does she have rhythm and pitch!

anyway, back to fashion.  the fourth principle of fashion design is rhythm.  as esme sees it, rhythm in clothing has to do with repetition and movement.  our text describes it this way:  “rhythm is achieved….by following lines, shapes, colors, and textures.  {it} is also seen in the progression, gradation, or orderly sequence of gradually increasing or decreasing changes in sizes of elements or images.”  huh?  as esme said:  repetition and movement.

a series of buttons (such as those on the frock described a few days ago) can create rhythm.  a repeated design (check out the polka dots in varying sizes on the kedem sasson outfit esme tried on) can do the same.

rhythm in movement

esme loves movement in her clothes.  this iridescent outfit by cut loose literally moves as the wearer moves, and it’s flowing shapes echo each other even at rest. note that this outfit is being seriously considered as a graduation outfit!

doesn’t that just make you want to sing and dance?

humming along,



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