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good outfit for eating and drinking!

oh my….well, last year the noirs attended the well-known foody-fest known as the pebble beach food and wine.  it was quite the experience and they rather longed to do it again.  however, wishing to conserve both money and calories (as well as their livers), they vacillated ’til the last minute about buying tickets this year.  alas, by the time they were ready to commit, the tickets were all sold out!  such relief and such disappointment!

nevertheless, the ever valiant mr. noir persisted in looking for tickets on craigslist.  finally, this very morning, at the sound of the last trumpet, he located a possible duce.  together we swooped in on the last-minute seller and scored a pair of the coveted tix!  fortunately, esme had swum her 50 laps, shaved her legs, picked up her outfit from the drycleaner, and was prepared for battle!

last year when the noirs attended the event, esme had found her outift sorely lacking.  the cool-looking women were all decked out in figure -hugging spandex frocks and 6 inch heels, while esme was wearing her navy blue european culture pants and duster and combat boots for marathon standing.  she felt comfortable, but completely unremarkable–a serious faux-pas for a serious fashion blogger!

this year esme was determined to up her game. at the same time, she could not risk discomfort.  she decided that a bit of shine was the thing.  in fact, she tried on several different combinations and permutations, finally settling upon an ancient black-and-white diana slavin blouse with tiny polka dots (polka dots are totally IN) and a semi-voluminous pair of black ivan grundahl pants (the better to pig out in).  her taryn rose black shoes did the trick, with, and i’ll let you in on a little secret…..some “light support” black knee-hi stockings that looked just like regular ones.  no purse, no coat (mr. noir was gentlemanly enough to drop me off at the door while he found parking, it being quite cold, windy, and spitting rain).  i can’t believe they don’t have a coat-check, but they don’t!

well, the general mode of dress was quite different from last year.  loads of black.  smatterings of polka dots.  bursts of orange (of course).  and many women in comfortable shoes.  were there more locals this year?  has the general look just become looser and more flowing (esme thinks this is so).  in any case, between the change in fashions and esme’s change in outfit, she felt quite in the swing of things, if not quite in the top 5 percent!

esme recognized a woman from last year who was wearing the perfect outfit both times.  she is somewhat older than esme, sports a stylish short gray haircut, and was wearing a striking crinkley red blouse atop fitted black pants.  simple, striking, attractive.  last year she had on a silvery top with a bit of shine, with  similar simple dark pants, and stylish short hair.  esme’s outfit did not allow her to carry her iphone (it would have totally ruined her profile); otherwise she would have certainly taken a photo.  she did compliment the woman on her outfit and proffered her card.  she rather hopes that mrs. x will read this post and post a photo!

and oh my goodness, the food and the wine……food for another post!

pebble beach food and wine brochure

quite stuffed,



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