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starting line!

as esme was contemplating her approach to describing the food and wine at the pebble beach food and wine, she recalled something she’d learned when she took a poetry writing class taught by the gifted poet and teacher, ed smallfield (hi ed!):  a list can be a poem.  well, a blog is not a poem, but a list may do nicely nevertheless.

so, here’s a (very incomplete) list of the tidbits we were able to recall consuming:

tuna tartar in crispy wonton shells (sam choy)  chicken balls with exotic mushrooms and spring peas over foie gras puree (todd english)  pork goulash and green ravioli with stuff and sauce (also todd english)  couscous with pesto and ceviche (unknown)  foie gras timbales on puff pastry (unknown)  multi-layered pudding-like dish with unheard-of fruit (unknown)  steak tacos in little corn torillas (unknown)  spring vegetable melange with delicate and delicious sauce (unknown)  lobster and steak bits with trimmings (roy’s)  thick warm waffles with strawberries and a hint of foie gras (mark sullivan)  17 varieties of cheese (carmel cheese shop)  mochi balls with something savory inside (jacques pepin)  lamb meatballs with good red sauce (unknown)  salami goop on cracker (unknown)   mini macaroon sandwiches with various fillings (unknown)  tiny chocolate fudgey things with creamy sauce and something else (unknown)  and omg we missed the daniel boulud stand because there was a long line and then we forgot about going back!

i know you’re wondering about the wines.  there were gazillions of them.  esme mostly stuck to champagne (though she had to push her way roughly through the crowd to get it) while mr. noir drank and recalled as much wine as he had time for.  in a situation like this, 3 hours goes way too fast!


silver oak (alexander valley and napa valley)  matanzas creek (chardonnay and merlot)  i can’t believe mr. noir remembers all this….must be how he made through medical school!  far niente (chardonnay and cabernet)  vincent giardin (pouligny montrachet)  opus one  figge cellars (chard, pinot, sirah)  flowers (chard, pinot)  champagne henriot  veueve cliquot  dom perignon  ruinart  moet et chandon  delamonte  nicolas feuillatte topped off with ramos port

the program

esme felt quite fine when she came home, but as you might imagine, she was not quite herself the next day!!

dabbling in excess,




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