by admin on April 17, 2012

way too big!

academic learning about fashion (as opposed to trial and error) is a double-edged sword. on the one hand, esme now finds herself with some principles to guide her shopping.  on the other hand, some days she looks into her closet and decides that 75% of her clothing is …….all wrong.  what has she been DOING these past shopping years???  omg, so many expensive mistakes!  it is enough to put one off shopping altogether!  but then, what fun would that be??

there are some who might suggest relinquishing everything that doesn’t work.  wouldn’t it be freeing to have only a small number of totally satisfactory items in one’s closet?  and yet, esme’s past experience tells her that you never know when a 20 year old blouse (she has 2 diana slavins like this) will be just the thing to go with one’s ivan grundahl pants.  now she’s fantasizing about having 2 (large) closets.  one which would contain only her favorites.  and another which would hold everything questionable that she can’t quite give up.

esme’s learning about proportion and fit (to be discussed in future blogs) has been especially enlightening and condemning.  here is where her struggle to reconcile the visual impact of an outfit and the tactile sensation of wearing it plays out.  while esme has given up almost all garments that feel too small, she is now left with a large collection of clothing that is either too long, too wide, or altogether just too big.  her brilliant idea of making this a “look” has come to naught.

all right esme—what next?,

omg!  i just found an on-line group entitled “i love to wear too big clothing“!  i feel better already!




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