BEST SPRING TRENDS: let’s start with orange

by admin on April 18, 2012

j. crew orange blazer

there seem to be so many trends these days that it’s hard to keep track of them.  however,  there are three that esme rather wishes she had in her closet.

one is orange.  esme prides herself on foreseeing this trend over a year ago, so she always gets a little jolt of pride when she sees the store windows bursting out in orange like fields of california poppies.  admittedly, the predominance of orange is close to becoming a cliche, so one should grab one’s orange quick quick quick, wear it for a bit, and save it for a few years until it becomes vintage.  one salesperson told esme that orange was “classic”—huh??

the trick to wearing orange is to find a shade that suits you.  are you a persimmon?  a tangerine?  a cerise?  i notice that no one has yet called their orange “tang”!  esme favors a dark, smoky orange–paprika perhaps–or an orange with lots of red in it.  i’ve seen michelle obama (most recently on the ellen de generis show) wearing a sleeveless (of course) orange that looked fabulous on her.

J.CREW carries some interesting variations on orange.  there is a striking orange “schoolboy” blazer.  would you have the cajones to wear a blazing orange blazer?

SYLVIE showed a wonderful orange outfit by aventures des toiles–a long painted silk skirt topped with a square-necked t and and a sweater.  esme went so far as to try this one on.  the skirt was to die for (but too big for yours truly), while the top made esme look quite square, and the sweater (again) was too big.  fortunately, esme kept in mind principles of shape, fit and proportion from her fashion class and regretfully decided that this outfit would be great for someone else.

aventures des toiles orange

still, she is enjoying the quest for orange.  in this case, the chase may be more fun than the prey.

questing again,



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