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j.crew polka dot dress

another spring trend that esme is dying to embrace is polka dots.  as part of her quest for a graduation outfit, esme has tried on a number of polka dot dresses.  every dress she tries on brings a stab of nostalgia, and pleasant memories of a polka dot dress she wore in high school (in the late ’60’s).  it was a soft white linen with red, blue and black (i think) polka dots.  of course it had a fitted bodice and a flared skirt.  just imagine—this is the sort of thing we used to wear to school in those days……

anyway, esme gazed at but did not try a short white dress with red polka dots that she spied at ANTHROPOLOGY.  although the young ladies in her fashion class urged her to try it on, esme decided that it was really for the young.

anthropology polka dot dress

next she tried an ISABELLE DEL PIERO black knit dress with small white dots at she in the crossroads.  cute, but too clingy.

isabell del piero polka dot dress

she found not one but two polka dot frocks at J. CREW (in carmel plaza).  one, white with large navy dots, really reminded her of her high school dress.  and served to remind her that she was no longer in high school!  both J. CREW dresses had these oddly high waists, which looked ok, but felt funny.  in the end, all fell short of the platonic ideal of the polka dot dress, but all were worth a try.

but esme’s real problem is that mr. noir has a thing against polka dots (as well as against the tight-bodice/full-skirt profile that esme is finding attractive).  he pronounced that both looked “so fifties….”  well, duh, isn’t that part of the point?  esme wonders what mr. noir has against the fifties, especially since many of his favorite cars hail from this decade.  she’s hoping that maybe a bit more time (well it already has been some 60 years but one can hope) may change his mind.

so now she’s imagining maybe a discreet polka dot blouse, or perhaps a skirt…..or, um…..a dalmatian puppy???

good one esme,



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