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j. crew stripes (with admiring shopper in the background)

esme has always considered herself an animal of a different stripe, but today she had a lot of company.  just as she was getting ready to compose her post about the third trend she’d like to embrace–stripes–she ran across this blog:  http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/post/21434391832/what-we-wore-challenge-stripes.  if you click on the link you will see that it’s all about stripes.  in fact, the author shows photos of over 90 fashion bloggers showing off their stripes!  you gotta love the internet (sometimes)……

esme has been searching for stripes for awhile.  she had found a fetching striped frock by marimeko at a local store.  she waited months before trying it on, fantasizing all the while about wearing it to christophe’s graduation.  when she finally worked up her courage to try it on, however, it looked so bad on her (and was so uncomfortable) that she didn’t keep it on long enough to even take a photo!  which is a pity, because she could have illustrated a number of fashion principles with such a photo.

esme had also espied a darling navy-and-white striped cotton top with diagonal buttons at stephan cori. it was, however, rather spendy.  one day she popped in there and was about to try it on anyway when she actually witnessed one lucky woman buying the last one in her size!  ah well, it went to a good home!

so when esme kind of accidentally slipped into the j. crew store as she was cruising carmel plaza, she was excited to see that a striped top she’d had her eye on had gone on major sale (navy and white stripes with areas of tan and orange).  only problem was, the only remaining sizes were the xxs and the xl.  esme decided to squeeze into the xxs just for kicks.  it actually looked rather good, and she received several compliments on it from other shoppers who then requested it in their sizes.  however, esme had the usual tight sleeve issue.  she tried on the next size up in a different color (hot pink with gray and white stripes)—fine but not as great.

meanwhile, the helpful salesperson checked the computer.  all sold out.  and in walked a couple of ladies from england, who tried on the hot pink stripes.  just as esme had decided to go for the hot pink, omg, one of the english ladies snapped it up!  fortunately, an extra-special super-duper computer search yielded the orange stripe in esme’s size and it’s being sent to her via ups.

but the drama doesn’t end there.  first of all, esme is on pins and needles waiting to see if mr. noir likes the top.  and then, one of the bloggers esme follows (the vivienne files) showed the hot pink top on her blog.  esme obsessed about whether she should have had the salesperson do an extra special search on that one until she finally fell asleep and dreamed of…..stripes?  polka dots?  all she can recall is soft inky darkness.

which just goes to show that if you are an anxious/obsessional sort of person, you can worry about the end of the world, a collision of asteroids, an earthquake happening while you are crossing the bay bridge, your child becoming ill, breast cancer, or making the wrong shopping decision.  lacking external stress, you make your own.

so anyway, since you can’t change your insides, might as well change your shirt!

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