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water polo bodies

perhaps esme will embark upon a series of musings about under-reported differences between males and females in the human world.  and after that, maybe she’ll see if similar differences can be found in the world, say, of canines.  she started out describing male and female hugs a few weeks ago.

today she will tackle–not the differences in beauty in human youth–but rather the differences in the ways young female animals perceive this beauty compared to young males.  this topic came to esme as she was walking the dog (rather arthriticly) along scenic road and spying on the young surfer dudes peeling out of their wetsuits (a must-do activity for any of you cougars out there).  between the surfers, esme’s own gorgeous son christophe, and christophe’s young friends there is enough young male beauty around to leave one breathless.

what struck esme is that the awesome gorgeousness of the young male body did not make nearly such an impact on her when she was young herself.  was this because she was focused on the personality (mmmm….not exactly).  was she so gobsmacked by the sheer maleness of these creatures that their beauty was overpowered by their hormones? (maybe).  whatever the reason, she finds herself, in her 50’s,  more appreciative of the young male body than she was when she was in her ’20’s.

but here’s the interesting thing:  esme imagines that for men, the beauty of the female body is always paramount.  thus, a young male would find himself awestruck by the female form from the time he was …… oh….six years old.  this can be a problem when a guy sees a girl as “a sexual object”.  the flip side is that a male may have a life-long appreciation for the wonder of a woman’s body, an appreciation that might only come to women in later life.  are you following me?  do you agree? disagree? never thought of it?

this is one of those instances when esme wishes ever so much that she could inhabit the mind/body of someone like christophe, if only for a few minutes.  what a wonderment it would be to find oneself in the body of the opposite sex for a day!

mind-melding again,

esme's own surfer dude



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