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tulle skirt

perhaps esme has inspired a new genre:  the poetry of shopping.  a poem can have anything as it’s subject, from the most mundane to the most elevated, as long as it’s………poetic.  (“to see a world in a grain of sand” and all that….)

well, esme’s sister roz has written the most beautiful poem about shopping.  not only is the poem beautiful, but it captures in words what esme has been groping to explain for years—the connection between shopping and fantasy.


Retail Therapy

What possessed me

to buy that yellow tulle skirt?

Who can say?

Maybe the memory of a little girl

twirling in a ruffled dress,

or the image of a debutante in a lacy gown,

a bride, a ballerina

 floating in yard upon yard of frothy mesh.

 Not even my tired face

 rising above it dims my pleasure.

by roz (and published with her gracious permission)






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