by admin on April 23, 2012

GAP striped knit blazer

esme decided she owed it to herself to take a turn in what passes for a mall around here—the del monte center in monterey—where you can find such big box stores as GAP, BANANA REPUBLIC, MACY’S and the like.  i’ve always had a fondness for the GAP.  their clothes are attractive, reasonably priced, and surprisingly well-made.  and their sales are great.  a good place to start in one’s quest for something orange, something polka-dotted, and something striped!

i’ll tell you what’s funny, though.  every single store that esme entered had it’s own version of orange tops and nautical stripes (not so much polka dots).  a textbook illustration of trend evolution.

of course you know that fashion goes in cycles, but were you aware that these cycles have 5 phases?  they are:  introduction; rise in popularity; peak of popularity; decline in popularity; and rejection.  (from FASHION from concept to consumer, by frings)  here what ms. frings (quel nom!) says about popularity peak:  “when a fashion is at the height of popularity, it may be in such demand that more manufacturers…produce it at many price levels.”

GAP orange t

however, in the sad way of the world, the next phase is “decline”:  “eventually, so many copies are mass-produced that fashion-conscious people tire of the style….consumers still wear garments in the style, but they are no longer willing to buy them at regular prices…”

what do you think?  i’d say that orange and stripes are somewhere between peak and decline.  get ready for some awesome sales (if there still have your size)!

not peaking yet (i hope),



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