by admin on April 25, 2012

mini-skirt with leggings

one of esme’s book club buddies asked her an important question the other day:  should she actually wear a recently purchased mini-skirt?

esme loves to be the recipient of this sort of inquiry.  even if she doesn’t have an answer, she will work hard to find one.  in this case, however, her answer was quick and definitive:  no.

as you may know, esme is an acute observer of the human body, especially the human bodies of women in her general age group.  she has noticed that when one reaches a certain age (usually in the 50’s but the actual number varies with the individual), one’s legs just do not have the elasticity to hold up to close scrutiny.  no matter how fit, how thin, or how formerly model-like a person is, the upper legs, knees and even calves develop a certain…….. crepitude.  i think i just made that word up…..anyway, what i refer to is a crepe-like appearance that nothing short of a layer of fabric will disguise.

to be avoided......

but never fear.  you can still wear your mini-skirt with leggings or tights.  indeed, while stopped at the light next to carmel high school, esme has noticed that many of the young girls are wearing shorts over black tights.  the visual effect takes a bit of getting used to, but this is one trend that women of a certain age might borrow from those in the first flush of maidenly beauty.

and so my friend, enjoy your mini!  leggings may be the best invention since sliced bread, and for a warmer day try a light colored legging in a capri style (esme recently spied some of these by cut loose at PACIFIC RIM).

keep your questions coming and your legs covered,



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