by admin on April 26, 2012

peasant blouses at THE GAP

white peasant blouses are sprouting up all over.  this is a pleasant enough trend, and goes along with the flower child look of maxi-skirts, ikat fabric, beaded jewelry and the like.  in esme’s case, the peasant blouse neckline makes her look like….a peasant, so this is one trend she’ll likely eschew.  she’s already got little square russian peasant feet; no need to echo this in her top half.

however, if you’ve got the shape to carry off a peasant blouse, it’s a fetching look.  esme witnessed women snatching up pricey versions from SHE the other day.  at the other end of the spectrum, GAP carried several modestly priced examples.  a white peasant blouse has a certain innocent purity about it.  it’s breezy for summer, and should be easy to care for–just bleach and go.  you’d probably want to pair it with narrow jeans or a fitted skirt unless you want to resemble a balloon.  or, if you choose a more voluminous bottom, try it with a belt.

if esme can find one with narrower sleeves and a more v-shaped neckline, she might even take the plunge herself.

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