WRINKLES AND FIT: the universal language

by admin on April 27, 2012

wrinkles say "too tight"!

if you didn’t know that “the main indicator of improper fit is a wrinke” (INDIVIDUALITY IN CLOTHING SELECTION AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE), now you know.  esme must admit that this simple notion had never occurred to her.  she had always assumed that a wrinkle spoke to the need for ironing, or perhaps to the nature of the fabric, or…..was just something you had to put up with.

but no!  a wrinkle in your clothing tells you that something is wrong with the fit!  now esme is seeing wrinkles everywhere!  as a general rule, horizontal wrinkles indicate that something is too tight (check for wrinkles at the thighs of your jeans) or too long (almost all of esme’s t-shirts).  vertical wrinkles suggest that the garment is too wide (omg….almost all of esme’s drapey garments), or too short (if under tension).

diagonal wrinkles (like the nose of a dog) will point you right to the problem:  the tip of the wrinkle zooms in on the area that is too small. ignore this signpost to your own detriment.

unlike facial wrinkles, however, clothing wrinkles can be banished without plastic surgery.  try a different size.  try a different style.  take it to a seamstress (well, i suppose that’s the plastic surgery equivalent for clothing).  in dire cases, pass on it altogether, or give it to someone whom it will fit like a glove!

an understanding of wrinkles has totally transformed esme’s shopping experience.  rather than obsessing over sizes, she just checks for these simple signifiers.  saying no has never been so easy!

gotta love those wrinkles,



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