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graduation outfit (with mr. noir's hats)

you are about to witness the unveiling of esme’s graduation outfit……all but the hat!  iridescent blue-green cut loose ensemble, turqoise and keshi indian necklace, bronze naot sandals  (note the bluish and brownish theme here), and…….which hat?

probably a straw hat, though there are some intriguing fabric hats around:  gross-grain ribbon, cotton with bendy wires.  this hat must truly protect from the sun, not annoy the ears, not weigh down the wearer, not block the views of seat-mates, not get too hot, and oh…..go with esme’s outfit!

the only difficult thing about this quest is that there are so many choices.  hats are in, and there are gazillions to choose from.  how esme would love to sport a little twenties-style cloche with a floppy flower, but these don’t provide much protection from the sun.  or a black-and-white stripey hat, but this would a) not go with her outfit, and b) be too hot in the l.a. sun.  or a great big old giant behemoth of a hat….but this might block the views of her neighbors, and weigh on her neck after the first hour.

trying on hats

it is hard for a person with a small head and very short hair to find a flattering hat.  since very little of one’s hair shows, it’s easy to look like a chemo patient.  in addition, one must rely on the hat alone (no help from a long mane of hair) to cover one’s neck.  it’s also not hard to end up looking a bit like a bobble-head doll!

esme’s next step is to go back to the hat shops, all togged out in her graduation outfit, and accompanied by the indominable and opinionated mr. noir.  shopping for a hat, like shopping for specs, is best done with a compatible companion.

found any good hats lately?

still bare-headed,



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