HATS: the stranger the better

by admin on April 30, 2012

wearing two hats (from vogue)

just as esme is pursuing her quest for a hat, vogue runs an article featuring some really weird hats.  these hats play with the abstract idea of a hat, rather than being hats with a practical purpose.  some convey a socio-political message:  a double hat speaks of the many roles women take on in contemporary society (l0l).  esme finds the double hat rather fetching, as a matter of fact.

then there are hats that give a nod to the bizarre (check out these white poufy things that might make good protection in the event of an earthquake).  well, one certainly would attract a bit of attention walking into a party with one of these!

bizarre white hats (from vogue)

other hats take the form of a disguise—e.g. alexander mcqueen lace mask-hats.

alexander mcqueen hat/veil

i have come to appreciate an oversized hat borrowed from mr. noir as a flirty disguise that has the added bonus of hiding one’s eye-wrinkles.

and then there are hats which lend themselves to fantasy.  esme is reminded of a more innocent time when she and roz were children and used to pretend they were “old-fashioners”.  esme’s grandmother made the most charming gingham bonnets for them.  if only esme had kept wearing these bonnets, her skin would not resemble a speckled egg…..

taking up the hat (a bit late in life),



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